Happy Freaking New Year!

xoxo    Happy New Year Friends!    xoxo

At the end of last year... all I kept thinking about and saying to everyone was, where did 2015 go? Seriously. I also have a feeling that's how 2016 will roll too. It's been turbo charged since January 1st. I've been on a clean diet, I moved into a beautiful new studio and I'm feeling greater than ever. This year, I am definitely going to kick it up a few notches. Watch out now!


I am happy to announce and thrilled to tell you that I am working on a new project and you are all invited if you are in NYC!

For the past few months I've been diligently working on a production of "The Vagina Monologues" as part of Eve Ensler's V-day 2016 and One Billion Rising movements.

I am so thrilled to co-direct and perform with my good friends and creative mates Kelly Lynn Noll and Amey Leigh Wrenn. The women, artists, organizations and people we are working with are so amazing that we've been inspired to start our own non-profit production + theater company, SwordHolder Productions.

100% of ticket sales will be donated to charity.

I hope you will come to the show and support our new company and charity! Thank you !

Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets website: click
** all tickets purchased are considered a tax deductible donation**

With love,





Sweet November Rain...

You know that Guns N' Roses song "November Rain" ? .... I listen to it every November 1st. A ritual I picked up from a very special group of people I met when I was a young teen vacationing in Singapore. 

And it's been literally and figuratively raining! We've been blessed with warm, rainy weather. I am one of those New Yorker's in support of prolonging winter as long as possible! 

It's also been raining amazing opportunities, friends, new faces, awards, love, support, wonderful sparkly unicorn blessings.... what? I don't know. But, my heart is full of love and gratitude for everything that has happened and all the wonderful people I've been meeting. 

I attended the 3rd annual Urban Action Showcase last weekend, a film festival and expo that celebrates the martial arts/action genre founded by my trainer, mentor and teacher Demetrius Angelo.

This year, we were honored to have in attendance great martial arts icons such as: James Lew, Keith Cooke, Vincent Lyn, Cary Tagawa, Bobby Samuels, Art Camacho and Taimak to name a few...

During the kick off presentation, I was surprised with the "Phoenix Rising Star" award which recognized my work with ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment as an actor, martial artist and collaborator. In a room full of icons... I could've melted. Major jaw drop moment and completely unexpected. I'm still wrapping my head around it. I've never won an award before! ... well not since taking third place at a french poetry contest in middle school... violà, la vie est belle. 

I'm extremely grateful and I dedicate it entirely to my grandfather, Leung, who gave me my first kung fu lesson, who I know is still here in spirit. 

I am inspired to work harder, be better and I know there is more to come. 

but most importantly, 

Thank YOU for supporting my journey.


My grandfather and I. 


Literally and figuratively. 

I'm gearing up for NY Comic Con next week Oct 8-11 at booth #1879
Come visit if you will be around. I would love to catch up with people and see you! 

I will also be running an awesome contest to win a sweet prize at Comic Con, which I will be revealing in a day or two! See this year's poster image below. 

This month, I trained hard but still had time to be goofy.... 

I choreographed my first fight scene this month with my long time friend, Tanya, a very talented actress from Australia. That was so much fun and I cannot wait to show you guys! It's in post production being edited all the way in Perth, Australia. 

Some pics below from our shoots and training sessions... We were trying to be Rose and Jack in two pictures below because we had an awesome railing to re-enact that scene. That was before she choked me over it .... and I returned choked her over it... 

Updates on previous productions: 
The pilot of "Lifers" I filmed back in July is still in post-production. It will be screened very soon.
Tough Love Season 3 is nearing completion. I'm in episode 3. Stay tuned for those announcements as well. 

So many great and wonderful things have been happening. Many things are up in the air right now before they reach completion and sometimes, I hate to be in the space of "I don't know." But, many times in life... we try and know everything. It's also so much easier with technology too.

This month, I'd like to be in the mind set of "I don't know." There's a certain freedom to it don't you think? And I have an inkling... that's when the magic happens :)  

xoxo, Vanessa 


This month has been all about Brooklyn! 

I just started a new job in Brooklyn, been hanging out in Williamsburg ALOT + I guess that was the universe hinting at something.... because great news! I've just been cast in one of the lead roles for a new web-series called "Lifers" about 5 servers in a hip Brooklyn gastropub and the shenanigans that happens between. I play Julie, a sex-addicted and super competitive bee-yotch... with only the big-O on her mind. It's a streeeeeeetch. Or is it?

Here's a clip of me on set learning how to chug my first beer.. 

Production pics: 

Coming soon... can't wait to update more on it! 

June has been so good to me. I also just finished a weekend hosting workshop through NBC Universal and the ABFF (American Black Film Festival). What an honor to be one of the 20 selected out of 200+ applicants! 

Feeling extremely grateful over hea! xoxo V. 

"Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find treasure." 

April Update

I'm happy to announce my Allure Beauty Basics Make-Up Tutorial on False Eyelashes is up! I posted it below and the link too.  

View on YouTube here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBV-sg7mFXk&list=UUb0tMboxhHE8Jx6-nhJmRPw 

I have another episode on Blush coming up. Will post that when it's available!  

Repost and hashtag #AllureBeautyBasics :) 


My Bud Light print ad is out and around the city now! My friend's spotted it at a pool hall a couple weeks ago. Check it out below :) 


  • The film "The Great American" I worked on over the summer of 2013 is screening at Digital DUMBO on Monday, April 14! I played a trippy/hipster college party gal :) There are going to be announcements and big plans for this project that I'm really excited about! 


  • I've been cast in a new independent feature film called "Murder on Ice" by the amazing team over at Tango Light Films. The film is intended for festival submissions. I am very blessed and happy to be part of this wonderful project. Filming commencesat the end of this month!